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Welcome to Chrome UP, your Chrome OS resource website.

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(#) History

Chrome UP was originally launched on October 1st, 2012 by +Craig Tumblison, as a Chrome OS news blog. The content selection was soon expanded to include tips, tricks, and tutorials relating to Chrome OS. Publication eventually dwindled and the site was archived in a read-only mode.

On Friday, March 28, 2014, Chrome UP returned featuring an entirely new design and topic focus. Instead of competing with websites offering similar content, Chrome UP will compliment those websites by providing gap-bridging content where appropriate, and promoting existing content when possible.

Chrome UP is managed by +James Welbes.

Mission Statement

It is the mission of Chrome UP to compliment the existing Chrome OS Community by publishing engaging content that actively encourages readers to embrace fellow community-focused websites.

(#) Contact

You may contact our team using the form found here:

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(#) Misc. Credit

Chrome UP is a combination effort that runs on various open source software and houses information contributed by many different experts.

Beta Testers

These fine people contributed feedback during the development of Chrome UP and helped shape it into what it is today.

+Adrien Pierret

+Callum Pickering

+Jonathan Roemer

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Chrome UP uses affiliate links when appropriate, and we always make sure to note it on the pages where they are enabled.

Using these links offers a way to help support Chrome UP by associating us with your purchase. When you click on an affiliate link, you are directed to a retailer's website. The link places a cookie in your browser, essentially telling the retailer that we sent you to that listing. If you choose to purchase the device there, the retailer may provide us with a commission for the sale.

In general, affiliate links have received a bad reputation around the web for being abused by low-quality websites to make quick money. We strongly believe that practice is ethically wrong, so we want to make sure that we always disclose which links are, and which links are not affiliate links. Simply put, we want you to be informed about the process.