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Do you represent a brand that would be a good fit for our audience? That's great to hear! We like to be sure though, so please check out our information below and contact us with any additional questions.

(#) Meet Our Audience

We're still working on building a measurable demographic profile of our average user, but in the meantime here's some information about who we're hoping to reach.

Chrome UP readers range in age from young students with school-issued laptops looking for advice to older grandparents settling into a new purchase. Our content is geared toward newer Chrome OS users, and those who are still looking to for purchasing advice. We also maintain in-depth tutorials for advanced users searching for tried and true methods of accomplishment.

Most of all, however, we service users that are interested in Chrome OS.

(#) Who You Should Be

"Money is money" is a common saying, but the essence of marketing is learning how to effectively spend your money to reach the largest interested audience. We completely understand that you may be working with a corporate budget with strict limitations, so let's save everyone some time and confidently say that if you're in the market of selling wind turbines, we aren't the site to purchase advertising from.

However, if your brand is one that celebrates technology that might appeal to our broad audience, we would absolutely love to have you advertise on our website. For example, if you are a Google Apps Reseller looking to promote resources of your own, that would be a great match. If you sell a service that seamlessly integrates with a Google Account, or if you want to promote an Android app, we may be a good fit.

If for any reason you want talk strategy or custom (private) advertising options, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

(#) Advertising Options

We offer two unique kinds of advertising: public, and private.

Public Advertising Options

Our public advertising options are provided by Project Wonderful, an advertising program that offers both a bid-per-day and a cost-per-million program. It's very simple, easy to use, and gives advertisers the most control over when their advertisements show up on our site (as well as allowing virtually anyone to purchase an ad in a highly competitive fashion).

Here's a quick overview:

Every bid you place is in CPD, which stands for "cost per day". A bid of $1 CPD means you're willing to pay $1 a day to have your ad displayed. Pretty simple, right? You can put time limits on your bid too: a bid of $1 CPD for a week means that you're willing to pay $1 a day for one week of advertising - so the most this bid will end up costing you is $7: one dollar each day for seven days. What's most helpful is that CPD is a rate, not a set fee: a bid of $1 a day that only lasts for 3 hours would end up costing you at most about 12 cents, since it's for such a small fraction of a day!

Bid on our left-most advertising block.

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Learn more about how buying ads with Project Wonderful works.

Confused by any part of this? Get in touch with us and we'll do our absolute best to make your money work for you.

Note: All advertisements on this site must be rated "safe for everyone", including young children.

Private Advertising Options

More information about our private advertising options will be available soon. In the meantime, if you have any creative ideas, get in touch.