Chrome OS Support

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You should never be afraid to ask for support. There are many options for getting support with Chrome OS, including user-driven communities, official support forums, or even getting 1-on-1 help via a Helpout.

(#) Chromebooks on Google+

Have a beginner question that you need a quick answer to? Your best bet is the extremely active Chromebooks Community on Google+. With several thousand active users, most questions get very quick answers. We do suggest that you use the search feature first - your question may have already been answered!

Visit Chromebooks on Google+

(#) Official Support Forum

If you need support for your Chrome OS device, it is recommended that you visit Chromebook Central, the official support community. In this forum you'll find both Google employees and Top Contributors, users that have been formally recognized for their advanced knowledge of Chrome OS.

Visit Chromebook Central

(#) Contact a Chrome Support Agent

If you're having a serious problem with your Chrome device, you may be eligible to contact a Chrome Agent. This is the official support line for Chrome devices, but should be used as a last resort as to not clog up the system with basic questions. Typically, a recommendation to contact an Agent will only come after you've already tried the two options above.

Contact a Chrome Agent