Pre-Sale Checklist

Are you ready for a Chrome device? Let's find out!

Chrome OS is very different from tradition Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems. It requires some getting used to, and will work better for some users than others. Before making the dive into Chrome OS, it is recommended that you check the items below to make sure you won't run into any major issues.

(#) Summary of an Ideal Candidate

Users that are already doing the majority of their work online will have an easier time switching to Chrome OS than those that require access to traditional applications like Photoshop or Microsoft Office. An ideal candidate will also be eager to learn new behaviors, and won't be resistant to change. They will have a good understanding of how Chrome OS works, the limitations, and be willing to work around them.

In brief, an ideal candidate is one that wants to switch to Chrome OS.

(#) Readiness Checklist

If you're ready to go Chrome, but want help in making sure that you are really ready, make careful note of the items listed below.

Do you need access to legacy applications?

Chrome OS cannot install .exe applications like Windows can, so you will need to find alternative apps for getting your work done. If you require access to Photoshop, Skype, or iTunes, Chrome OS will not be ideal for you.

Do you need access to local network storage?

Chrome OS does not yet support local network storage (NAS) devices. External hard drives are supported, but only if directly connected to your Chrome device (not over the network).

Do you need access to a VPN for work?

Chrome OS supports some VPN connections, but not all VPN types. Some jobs require that you connect to their offices via a VPN in order to access company documents and information. If this is true for you, you will need to check with your company's IT department to see if Chrome OS is compatible with your company's requirements.

Do you have any hesitation about using Google services?

If you are concerned about trusting Google with access to your personal information, then using a Chrome device is probably not ideal for you.